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Imraleth Berithoniel
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re: Rules and Regulations

The Following Rules must be obeyed by all members of the Alliance including administrative personel:

I) Be respectful of other players in game regaurdless of playstyle, this includes members of an opposing kinship or monster player kinship.
II) Be mature, do not harass or make sexual comments regaurding anyone in the alliance or outside of the Alliance.
III) When Roleplaying, everything you say in spatial chat will be considered as if your character is saying it unless you use ( )'s before and after your text.
IV) Kinships of the Alliance are required to roleplay with the Alliance. If you fail to roleplay at least once with the Alliance as a whole within thirty days you will be removed.
V) Alliance ranks mechanicaly (Guild Leader, Officer, Member and Recruit) do not mean that is your characters rank in character.
VI) Swearing is allowed in Alliance chat. However, if you are asked to knock it off, do so out of respect for your fellows. Excessive swearing is not alowed.
VII) Racial, Sexual and Crude remarks are inappropriate and are not alowed.
VIII) The Kinship Leaders reserve the right to remove any Kinship from the Alliance for any reason for violation of any of these rules. This removal is subject to a vote by all kinship leader with the decision resting on the majority vote.
IX) Dishonest behavior in the alliance or to players outside the alliance is considered inappropriate.
X) Play your character for what the game intends them to be. A Simple character. Do not play you character as a meta-god or bastard child of Aragorn. Such playstyle is considered God-Moding and is not alowed within the alliance. If you are roleplaying with a member or non member who seems to be way to powerful for who they are represented by, simply excuse yourself from the encounter politely and cease roleplaying with them.

I) Keep all out of character comments out of Spatial chat as often as possible. Use Alliance chat or group chat if you must say something out of character.
II) Be curtious during your roleplaying. If someone says something that goes against Lore, sort it out out of character in tells and if all else fails, agree to disagree.
III) If you are roleplaying with someone outside of the Alliance who acts in a way or says something that you don't appreciate or believe in, simply excuse yourself from the roleplaying if no common ground can be found and the situation can not be resolved.
IV) At all times act in a way that will bring credit and honor to the name of the alliance and your kinship. Do not act in a way that will bring disrespect and a bad reputation to it.
V) Play your character true to self. In other words, if you know that Aragorn is the Heir to the throne of Gondor, or that Angmar is wageing war against the folk of Eriador, that doesn't mean your character would know it.
VI) Maintain Order. Do not openly argue with any member of admin in the Alliance. If you don't agree with a decision, send a tell and ask him or her to clarify then find a solution.
VII) If all else fails, do it yourself. If you can't find any roleplay going on at the moment in the Alliance, try just roleplaying alone. You'd be surprised who might show up and join in with you.
VIII) Don't butt in. If you see others roleplaying, ask out of character in a tell if you can join them, don't simply barge in. This goes for in Alliance roleplay as well kinship roleplay with other roleplayers in game. This ALSO INCLUDES random RP happening with NON members of the Alliance. (Sometimes other kinships are haveing an event and don't want outside influence. Its considered polite to ask first.)
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