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The Host of the Silver Star, "Gweth en Celebigil", is an alliance of Kinships on the Landroval Server of Lord of the Rings Online.  Exclusively we are our own Roleplaying Community which share a common storyline, and a unique desire to play our characters in an environment which seems as realistic as possible in accordance with J.R.R. Tolkien's writings.  We are a collective of Medium to Heavy Roleplaying kinships who, through our own kinships backgrounds, have found ourselves shareing the same road and entangled in the same epic storyline.  Together we roleplay this storyline week by week, as our journey takes us ever onward to whatever end.  If you are a kinship leader, and believe that your kinship would benefit from this alliance, and enjoy being apart of the storyline we share; then you the Kinship Leader, may apply for membership with the Alliance.  Once your kinship has been approved for membership in the Alliance, you and your members may apply with the website itself for General Membership.  Our Alliance holds regularly scheduled events, which your kinship will be expected to participate in. 

 Tree of Gondor

    Before we proceed with your application process, lets take a look at the requirements, the rules, and the benefits of being a member of the Alliance.  If you will kindly click on the following links, in order from top to bottom, and carefuly read through the information, it will guide you through these information topics and provide you a better understanding with what we do and who we are.  You will also become more familiar with what you can do to contribute to the Community as a whole, and how you can benefit from the contributions of others in the community.  Good luck! And thank you for your time.




 Requirements for Membership    Rules of the Alliance        Benefits of the Alliance

        Requirements for membership in the Alliance                                 Rules and Regulations of the Alliance.                             Alliance Benefits Icon


    Now that you've carefuly read through the information at hand, its time for you to decide if this Alliance is something your kinship could benefit from.  If you want to be apart of the community and better serve the members of your kinship, then you may click the "Apply for Membership" Icon, which is directly below this paragraph.  If you have further questions or require more information, you may contact one of our Alliance Leaders either here on guildlaunch.com, or in game.


Crest of Earendil

Apply for Membership!


Tree of Gondor


Additional Information or Questions, please contact:

Isilene - Alliance Kinship Leader "Company of the White Tree". 

Turchon - Alliance Kinship Leader "Bloodline of the Dunedain". 

Bargim - Alliance Kinship Leader "Wardens of the Deep".     

Goladas - Alliance Kinship leader "Theryn en Forod". 

Guthmyr - Alliance Kinship Leader "Eored of the East-mark"



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Gweth en Celebigil